Nail trends spring summer 2018

New season new trends? Well, not exactly. Nail trends for spring and summer 2018 that we’ve seen on the runways and Instagram been here for some time. I’ve prepared a list of few my fav looks. They are simple, easy to do at home (at least most of them) and on trend. 


Bold Metallics

Those nails make you shine! This summer you can get creative with it. On a dark metallic base draw a light circle (or whatever shape you fancy) just like JINsoon did. Or do negative and go with light metallic base and dark shape. It will go well with the Artsy trend (we will talk about it in a minute). As far as colour is concerned there are no limitations. Sliver, gold, pink (especially nude pink and rose gold), blue, navy, graphite, black… If you can name it you can put it on your nails. From the classic warm gold like at Oscar de la Renta to ombre or duotone like at Tom Ford or Rebecca Minkoff. I’m obsessed with pink/rose gold colour but with a little of matte finish. Still metallic but not so obvious. Oh and matte chrome finish is absolutely everything! For the fans of mirrored nails, good news. This is still in. especially on longer nails. If you want to shine but not too much do just a metallic French. Chose matt base and corresponding metallic shade for the tip i.e. grey nails with silver French like at Sachin & Babi.

nail trends spring summer 2018 metallics 2


Piece of Art

Girl get your tools out. It’s time to create. Start with something simple, minimalistic like one black thin line (only on one finger) like at Phillip Lim. Or go for two baby blue lines on a transparent base (like at Tibi) or small zig-zag like at Cristiano Burani. Now it’s time for the next step. On a nude base place star and line sticker and cover it with a transparent coat. Simple but eye-catching, just like we saw at Self-Portrait. Now take your brushes out and paint few uneven lines in different colours. Just like a JINsoon. Ok, you’re ready now to spared your wings. Go crazy with colourful lines, dots, splatters and whatever comes to your mind. Create a unique piece of art. At Christian Siriano’s show, we saw tweed looking pattern and at Byblos paint splatters. For all the beginner artist JINsoon made it easy by adding to nail polish multidimensional flecks of glitter. You can create with it such a fun, different reversed French.

nail trends spring summer 2018 nail art

I did minimalistic, geometric nails with my Hi Hybrid set. It was quite easy. The outcome may not be perfect but I never said I’m good at it. 


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Let’s Talk About It

What to make everyone talk about your nails? Give them a voice. You can make a statement like at Preen show. Models had letters stickers on a transparent nail polish creating phrases such as ‚wild fire’, ‚life force’ and ‚dark child’ in red and black. You can get that kind of letters even at the office supply store. If you’re looking for something more subtle go with a smaller font. On a long rectangular shape pink nail put a small word. It’s basic but with a twist. Just like at Helmut Lang. Not sure if that kind of statement is for you but you still want to be on trend? Just put your initials. Clean and simple. 

nail trends spring summer 2018 nail letters


Go Nude

Will there ever be time when nude would not be a trend? I hope not. It’s my go-to trend. In nails and make-up. I guess everyone talked about it already in some way so not to bore you I’ll just say that I’m loving nude pink nails with total matte finish like at Sophia Webster. For me, you can’t go wrong with nude nails. It just goes with every outfit, skin complexion and occasion.  

nail trends spring summer 2018 nude nails 


photos: Pinterest